slow stitch club

I’ve found the world of visible mending to be an amazing hub for creative folk all around the world, and the sense of community that I have gained since starting slow stitch club has been amazing.

Below are a small handful of stitchers and makers that continue to inspire me and enrich the mending community. 

Renee - @thatperfecthour 
Renee and I spent so much time chatting to each other from other sides of the world about mending that we now have chats on IG Live! Join us fortnightly for our “It’s not about the socks” series.

Elysha - @beyondrepair519
Elysha is the creator of the awesome Swift Darner; a reinvention of the Speedweve that is sustainably made by her. Her talents know no bounds and it’s so exciting to see an antique mending tool being recreated in today's world. 

Kirsty - @spiderweavestudio
Kirsty is a meticulous mender and a wonderful friend too. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her love of mending shines through all of her work. 

Keiko & Atsushi - @sashikostory
I have spent (and still spend) a lot of time reading about Sashiko. It’s a hugely immersive and ancient practice, and I think it’s really important to learn from those whose culture it is a part of. Keiko and Atsushi put so much effort into educating others on top of sharing their incredible work.

Miranda - @littlelemonloom
Miranda is another innovative maker who has created another Speedweve alternative - and a way for you to make your own! 

Selina - @selinaam05
I absolutely love Selina’s work and find it so inspiring to scroll through her Instagram feed. Beautiful and intricate mends that are always sympathetic to the clothing as well as the techniques she uses.

Katrine & Anette - @mendingmayhem
The mending mayhem community is a great place to go if you're ever looking for advice. Katrine and Anette are so friendly and share so many other menders as well as their own work.

Eva - @evakittelsen
Owner of My Visible Mend, Eva’s shop is a treasure trove of mending equipment, and I always love to read her posts and learn from her. 

Bryony - @tickover
Bryony is an immensely talented embroiderer and anti fast fashion advocate. Her work is so important and informative in support of garment workers and the planet and I am so happy to see her shout about the causes that need attention in a medium that is so impactful.